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Enhance Your Technology Career By Learning To Speak

Have you ever had a customer, co-worker or manager look at you as if you had two heads? When an IT Professional, speaks it is very important that who we speak to understands what we are saying. You cannot sell

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What Languages do I Use

I was recently asked what I use to develop software and websites. I mostly use DotNet Technologies as it is often interchangeable between websites, web applications and desktop applications. I can often use the same data access classes and business

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How to deal with a non-technical boss

We have all had bosses at one time or another that we had to deal with who was not technical in nature.  Often we find it frustrating because we do not speak the same language and we do not know

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Creativity and Love Flows in London

London Ontario boasts creativity and cutting edge ideas with companies like rTraction,, Echidna and many others.   These companies are bleeding edge when it comes to employee management, project management and their technologies and methodologies.   I have seen many

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Internet Explorer Crashes On ActiveX Plug-ins

I was recently trying to download some development tools from MSDN where a Microsoft File Download Plug-in is used.  Every time I clicked the download link, the file download manager tried to launch and then crash the Internet Explorer session.

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Free Software That I Use

Tonight I am giving you some of my favorite software that can be downloaded from the Internet for free.   While you may have heard of some, others are so obscure, your friends have never heard of them.  I like

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