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5 Steps to Finding Employment as a Computer or Web Developer

5 Steps to Finding Employment as a Computer / Web Developer from Andrew Pallant Related Title:

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Do I Need Source Control

Yes!  For the first time in my 15-year career I had experienced what it is like to not have source control, and I had hated it.  I had lost a very difficult to write SQL statement in a project.  It

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DIG London in Review

Wow, what a great day to be had. I had attended the web developer stream of DIG London which started off with a Keynote by Jeffery Zeldman.  Jeffery had shown us the importance of responsive design and suggested a few

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Shortcut To Creating Properties in C-Sharp – Revisited

Based on my earlier an post, a I had a question about my technique and if there was a benefit, or could you use MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().Name. Truthfully I did not know the answer until I tried it. I found this new

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What is Trending – Are you listening

Do you know what is trending today?   Do you know what is new?  Do you care? As developers we live in a crazy world where technologies and ideas fly at the speed of light.  If you are not paying

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Click Once Deployment – Improperly Formatted

Error Message:Cannot continue. The application is improperly formatted. Contact the application publisher for assistance. Application validation did not succeed. Unable to continue. Unable to retrieve application files. Files corrupt in deployment. Solution: For every project in your solution, Close your

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Publishing Using VisualStudio

I have often had the glorious opportunity to watch someone try to deploy a project by picking compiled libraries that they had thought had changed.  Every time they deployed by using this method, their live project would not run.  When

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DotNet Windows Form Image Transparency

Recently during a project I had a need to overlay an image on a windows form in order to indicate a status of inability.  This image had a semi-transparency quality as well as a full transparency background.  To my dismay,

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Javascript equalsIgnoreCase Function

This week’s code sample is JAVASCRIPT based. I found this while researching user validation routines. This function is a javascript version of a common Java function. We have replicated the calling syntax as a java programmer would expect to use

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Hot Keys

alt-1 – Load help This week’s code sample is JAVASCRIPT based. It traps a keyup event in a web page that contains this code. The function then goes a step further and looks for the Alt key. Once we have

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