About the Andrew Pallant

Hello; My name is Andrew Pallant (@LdnDeveloper).

I have been a web, database and desktop developer for over 16 years. I have worked on projects that ranged from factory automation to writing business applications. Most recently I have been heavily involved in various forms for eCommerce projects.

Over the years I have worn many hats:
Project Manager, IT Manager, Lead Developer, Supervisor of Developers and many more

Currently I am available for contract or new full time employment. For contract work, I offer a free consultation.
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One comment on “About the Andrew Pallant
  1. John Butkus says:

    Looking to develop a customer database.
    The difference is that all actions/contact method would be based on each customers individual sales history.
    Every customer datbase that I have looked at focuses on the customer contact info and any potential (future) sales.
    We would use the history.
    We export from excel.
    80 columns. 20 for customer info.
    The rest detail the sales transaction.
    25,000 records.
    John Butkus