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Welcome to London Ontario

Hey London;  We live in a great city.  We are full of excitement, technology, festivals, markets and home of some of the best mom and pop restaurants.  

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Jobs Posted In Twitter For London Ontario

The are jobs that I have found while searching in Twitter. I thought I would create a saved search list in HootSuite. This is a live feed so check back often. Click Here for job listings. Note: I am in

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More Creativity and Love in London

Another video of Love for London Ontario by Matt Ross. Shot and edited in less than 24 hours. Video done on an IPOD. Very Impressive. Twitter:!/mattasross

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Creativity and Love Flows in London

London Ontario boasts creativity and cutting edge ideas with companies like rTraction,, Echidna and many others.   These companies are bleeding edge when it comes to employee management, project management and their technologies and methodologies.   I have seen many

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London Tech Jobs That I Tweeted – Live Feed

This is a live feed of technology jobs that I Tweeted in London

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Recycling and Trash Ideas

I had just watched Trashopolis on the National Geographic Channel; it featured Paris France.  On it they showed the history of excess trash and how Paris overcame it.  From the principal of rag pickers, they created city sponsored enterprises.   Back in

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Tomorrow In London Canada

This is such a great advertisement for London Canada.   Share it with the world!

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