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Andrew Pallant – A Strategic Leader in Engineering

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of technology, effective leadership is crucial for driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and achieving organizational goals. As a Vice President of Engineering, I have had the privilege of witnessing Andrew Pallant’s remarkable journey—a journey that exemplifies

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Importance of Building Internal Tools

I recently sat through a few meetings where we described doing the same thing many times and in the same way. I was seeing a pattern that could be automated. Since seeing a pattern, I began to think about tools

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Why a Process is Important

A Software Development Perspective A process is important as it creates an expectation of an outcome. Outcomes can measure a process and result in different ways making the process essential to follow. Without a strategy, we will not confidently be

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Have an Idea – Let Us Talk

Do you have an idea? Let us talk! Many people have ideas for a website, blog, forum or new software to make their life and business processes better. Often, people do not know who to contact or how to go

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Letter of Gratitude and Kudos to People Who Helped Me

Kevin Douglas, Wayne Thayer and Jas Romain all assisted me with designing the Breaking the ICE Conference website. This conference is about empowering by breaking down the communication barriers and is a very good cause. I give kudos to these

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Using Social Media in Toastmasters Clubs

Recently I had lead a Social Media workshop. Specifically what social media is and how to us it your clubs. Social media can help in your recruiting processes, education processes and in basic communication to members and non-members. Social media

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Giving Back

It is important to give back to the community in some way. Your community may vary from other people’s, but it is a great way to create awareness of charities you believe in, your company’s good deeds and create balance

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Code Reviews

Developers often seem scared to allow another person to look at their code.  It is like they have a fear of someone stealing what they had done or that someone is looking over their shoulder.  Software developers and web developers

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Sunni Brown – Doodlers – unite

Sunni Brown speaks of the importance of Doodling. She shares with the audience the misconceptions of doodling and why we may fear doodling in public.

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Project Manager – Team Lead – Manager of Development

I have been asked a few times for resources and tips for a new Project Manager, Team Lead, Manager of Development type position. My tips are a generalization as I can pull out more resources for certain situations. Tips  1.

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