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The Two Sides to Job Hunting

I have had students ask me about how to get hired or who is hiring. I have also had employers ask me how to find developers when they have had a tough time hiring quality employees. These are tough questions

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Enhance Your Technology Career By Learning To Speak

Have you ever had a customer, co-worker or manager look at you as if you had two heads? When an IT Professional, speaks it is very important that who we speak to understands what we are saying. You cannot sell

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More Than Meets The Eye

There is more than meets the eye with me. On my resume it is majority Microsoft skills. Microsoft is used more than open source because that is what my work and customers demand from me.  Can I do more? Yes!

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Leaving a Job – Integrity

This past week I had finished my position at an undisclosed company. It seemed to go fairly smoothly. I worked hard all week, tried to ensure my boss was comfortable and tried to fix as many issues as possible.

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My Cover Letter

Dear Business Owners, Team Leaders and Information Officers; I am not just a developer.  I am a developer who can blend in with a team, lead a team and be part of a team.

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Jobs Posted In Twitter For London Ontario

The are jobs that I have found while searching in Twitter. I thought I would create a saved search list in HootSuite. This is a live feed so check back often. Click Here for job listings. Note: I am in

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London Tech Jobs That I Tweeted – Live Feed

This is a live feed of technology jobs that I Tweeted in London

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Google Please Hire ME

Read about this on a tech web site ( cannot remember where ).   I thought Matthew Epstein ( ) had a great targeted job search idea.   Loved the video and loved the site.   I think only a true

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