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Andrew Pallant – A Strategic Leader in Engineering

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of technology, effective leadership is crucial for driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and achieving organizational goals. As a Vice President of Engineering, I have had the privilege of witnessing Andrew Pallant’s remarkable journey—a journey that exemplifies

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Why a Process is Important

A Software Development Perspective A process is important as it creates an expectation of an outcome. Outcomes can measure a process and result in different ways making the process essential to follow. Without a strategy, we will not confidently be

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Are Stand-ups a Waste of Time

Are stand-ups a Waste of time for developers?   I used to think so.  I have been doing stand-ups for the past two months and I now think they are brilliant!

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Achieving Order in Chaos

Trying to streamline things at work and make it so we are producing higher quality code I have learned a few things. Mind you I have only been in my new position for a few weeks, but already I along

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Senior should be a Junior for a Day

There are times where a Senior Developer should take a step back and become a Junior Developer.  There are times when a Junior Developer can teach a Senior Developer new skill, thoughts and patterns.  Granted there are a fair number

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Importance of Code Refactoring

By continuously improving the design of code, we make it easier and easier to work with. This is in sharp contrast to what typically happens: little refactoring and a great deal of attention paid to expediently adding new features. If

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New Project or Team Manager – First Two Weeks

There are plenty of tasks a person could do in their first two weeks as a new Project or Team Manager.  I have isolated some of the more important tasks that need to be addressed in the first two weeks

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The Art of Task Delegation

Delegation is a tough skill to master.  Many mangers have trouble delegating tasks to employees because they have trouble giving up control.   A good manager knows their strengths and the amount of work load they can handle without stressing.

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