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Importance of Building Internal Tools

I recently sat through a few meetings where we described doing the same thing many times and in the same way. I was seeing a pattern that could be automated. Since seeing a pattern, I began to think about tools

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My Favourite Tool

My favourite tool goes wherever I go. I keep it beside the bed, and it is the first thing I put in my suitcase or backpack. My favourite tool knows more about me than anything or anyone else. It carries

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Have an Idea – Let Us Talk

Do you have an idea? Let us talk! Many people have ideas for a website, blog, forum or new software to make their life and business processes better. Often, people do not know who to contact or how to go

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Letter of Gratitude and Kudos to People Who Helped Me

Kevin Douglas, Wayne Thayer and Jas Romain all assisted me with designing the Breaking the ICE Conference website. This conference is about empowering by breaking down the communication barriers and is a very good cause. I give kudos to these

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Do Not Forget The Customers

New developers often design and develop what they believe is cool and cutting edge.  What is forgotten is how the customer or the user will think about the experience.  If the customer or user refuses to accept what you have

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Should Children be Taught Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is the linking of hand-written characters.  It is the penmanship that was taught to us in school after we learned to print.  Some will argue that it is an old irrelevant craft due to the modern us of

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Sunni Brown – Doodlers – unite

Sunni Brown speaks of the importance of Doodling. She shares with the audience the misconceptions of doodling and why we may fear doodling in public.

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What is Trending – Are you listening

Do you know what is trending today?   Do you know what is new?  Do you care? As developers we live in a crazy world where technologies and ideas fly at the speed of light.  If you are not paying

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Creativity and Love Flows in London

London Ontario boasts creativity and cutting edge ideas with companies like rTraction,, Echidna and many others.   These companies are bleeding edge when it comes to employee management, project management and their technologies and methodologies.   I have seen many

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