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Have you ever wanted a function to convert HTML to PDF? It is really easy. A good use of this is when you have a resume on your website and you want to create a download of it as a

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The Story of C# Meeting AngularJS

Most of you already know that I still like my WebForms. People have argued that using AngularJS with WebForms is pointless, but I say NA! It makes the user experience a little bit smoother. In this blog I will show

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Starting a WebForm Project

I started working in the DotNet while it was in the Beta stage. Ewe Beta! Since then I discovered there is more than one way to tackle a start of a project and I have perfected it for my purpose.

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Auto-Link Using Regular Expressions

I was recently asked if I could automatically turn website text (ex: ) into HTML hyperlinks.  My first thought was ah CRAP!  I also wondered why they could not use the link tool in the editor, but they asked

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Building a C-Sharp Class

I have created this example of a C# class to demonstrate one way of creating a basic class cbject representing one employee.  This class could be used as a starting point for just about any object. Take note that there

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What Languages do I Use

I was recently asked what I use to develop software and websites. I mostly use DotNet Technologies as it is often interchangeable between websites, web applications and desktop applications. I can often use the same data access classes and business

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Shortcut To Creating Properties in C-Sharp – Revisited

Based on my earlier an post, a I had a question about my technique and if there was a benefit, or could you use MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().Name. Truthfully I did not know the answer until I tried it. I found this new

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Shortcut To Creating Properties in C-Sharp

I was looking for an easy and consistent way of creating properties for classes.  I sometimes find that it can be a long drawn out process creating 5 to 100 properties for database classes.  Here is a quick example of

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Why use LINQ

I was asked “Why I never used LINQ?”   I guess the real answer was, I never thought about it.  I really had no good reason for not using LINQ other it was new and unfamiliar.  When I finally used LINQ;

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Caching Locally

One of the applications I have been working recently is a windows based application. Most things that the user keys into the system results in a database hit validation. To cut back on this I have implemented classes that assist

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