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Taking Time to Grow

Happy New Year! I hope 2022 is all that much better than 2021. Taking Time to Grow is not something that comes easily or naturally. So many of us will fill our days with meetings, phone calls and other essential

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Why a Process is Important

A Software Development Perspective A process is important as it creates an expectation of an outcome. Outcomes can measure a process and result in different ways making the process essential to follow. Without a strategy, we will not confidently be

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Developer Engagement

I was throwing ideas around in how to increase our developer engagement. I was also thinking of a way to give our product development a little boost. I love the developers that I work with and would like to support

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Enhance Your Technology Career By Learning To Speak

Have you ever had a customer, co-worker or manager look at you as if you had two heads? When an IT Professional, speaks it is very important that who we speak to understands what we are saying. You cannot sell

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We Do Not Know You

I have encountered the phrase “We Do Not Know You” a few times during the job hunting process. Recently I interviewed with a company that used this phrase. I threw everything at them including LinkedIn Recommendations, Contacts, Resume, Cover Letter,

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Keeping a Cool Head

Recent events at work caused 3 days of fire fighting to keep systems going. It was a lot of work and was not easy. Stress levels were at an all-time high. While showing the rest of the staff that I

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Fantastic Speech! When You Want to be Successful as Bad as You Want to Breath…

Fantastic Speech! When You Want to be Successful as Bad as You Want to Breath….

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Failure is an opportunity to find an alternate way of finding success. Dig deep, learn from the events and change. Through change, you can overcome failure. Change brings failure or success; it is a 50% wager. Evolve, learn and morph

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When a Developer Leaves

To start; I am not saying this is me, but I did talk to a few developers for research. Employers are often left scratching their heads when a developer leaves. The unfortunately truth is when one leaves another often follows

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Seven Tips to Project Success

Before starting any project, you should know what you are doing before you start. Ask your users, create focus groups and research every detail. By asking your users you will know what your users will need to do their jobs

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