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Andrew Pallant – A Strategic Leader in Engineering

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of technology, effective leadership is crucial for driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and achieving organizational goals. As a Vice President of Engineering, I have had the privilege of witnessing Andrew Pallant’s remarkable journey—a journey that exemplifies

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7 Soft Skills That Senior Developers Should Have

Developers often ask what they need to do to make it to the level of a senior developer. They can gain all the programming skills in all the popular and new software frameworks, but they will not be anything more

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Development Team Relationships

This week I pushed out some old blogs outlining the relationships between senior and more junior developers. I did this because I thought it was very important to listen to each other. We can all learn from old and new

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Do Not Forget The Customers

New developers often design and develop what they believe is cool and cutting edge.  What is forgotten is how the customer or the user will think about the experience.  If the customer or user refuses to accept what you have

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Should Children be Taught Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is the linking of hand-written characters.  It is the penmanship that was taught to us in school after we learned to print.  Some will argue that it is an old irrelevant craft due to the modern us of

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Websites Responsive to Screen Size

I own a desktop, laptop, iPad and an HTC Android phone. Each device has a different screen size. I had never tried my website on the iPad and the Android phone until after the DIG 2011 conference in London Ontario.

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How I Achieved Decent Search Ranking

I recently showed my hit stats for my website to a friend, which include the GOOGLE and Yahoo queries. I was asked how I achieved my ranking. I typically see a rank between 3 and 20, which I consider respectable.

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Building a C-Sharp Class

I have created this example of a C# class to demonstrate one way of creating a basic class cbject representing one employee.  This class could be used as a starting point for just about any object. Take note that there

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What are you bringing to your team

Every team has a slacker.  Your team can be at work, on the rink, ball diamond, or your marriage.  Are you the slacker?   Why are you the slacker?  Are you listening to people other than yourself? Everyone has the

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