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Why a Process is Important

A Software Development Perspective A process is important as it creates an expectation of an outcome. Outcomes can measure a process and result in different ways making the process essential to follow. Without a strategy, we will not confidently be

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The Only Programmer I Can Trust

The Only Programmer I Can Trust These Days Is @LdnDeveloper

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Journaling is something that I have been doing off and on for a while.  I journal using low-tech methods.  I have a leather bound book and a nice pen.  I love my pens.  I used to have fountain pens, but

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Failure is an opportunity to find an alternate way of finding success. Dig deep, learn from the events and change. Through change, you can overcome failure. Change brings failure or success; it is a 50% wager. Evolve, learn and morph

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Importance of Code Refactoring

By continuously improving the design of code, we make it easier and easier to work with. This is in sharp contrast to what typically happens: little refactoring and a great deal of attention paid to expediently adding new features. If

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What Languages do I Use

I was recently asked what I use to develop software and websites. I mostly use DotNet Technologies as it is often interchangeable between websites, web applications and desktop applications. I can often use the same data access classes and business

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Who Is Andrew Pallant

I was recently asked the question “Who Is Andrew Pallant?“.   Although I am Andrew Pallant; I find this question very complex and complicated to answer.   One must reflect ever so often to rediscover who you are and what

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Importance of Tracking Daily Activities – A Personal Perspective

When the cat is away the mice will play. This famous saying suggests that when a person in authority is not present, the people under his rule will enjoy their freedom. However; this should not be the case. The employee

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