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Career Advancement Through Networking

Networking is a crucial tool for modern professionals, enabling access to new opportunities, valuable insights, and career growth. The significance of networking cannot be overstated, particularly when seeking a new job or career. It involves establishing a network of connections

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Power BI – A Powerful Tool for Canadian Credit Unions

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors provided by Microsoft that work together to turn unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. It’s a business intelligence tool for analyzing and visualizing raw data

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What is Jira Query Language (JQL)?

Jira Query Language (JQL) is a text-based query language used to extract specific data from the Jira database. Jira is a swamp of tickets that can weigh you down in the mud of ambiguity, but JQL can help you navigate

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Embracing Omnichannel with a CRM for Financial Institutions

Omnichannel Platform and Its Importance for Financial Institutions An omnichannel platform is a customer-centric approach that integrates all channels to provide a unified and consistent experience whether customers are at a physical store, using an app, or on a website.

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JIRA Product Discovery vs Aha!

Introduction Two tools have emerged as leaders in product management: JIRA Product Discovery and Aha! Both offer robust features for tracking roadmaps and managing the software development lifecycle. However, they each have unique strengths that may make one a better

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ChatGPT to Create Acceptance Criteria

Today’s Learning Today, I took a business requirement and put it into ChatGPT. I created a couple of simple prompts. The first prompt created acceptance criteria to make the software developer successful. The second prompt was to create test cases. Surprisingly enough,

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Published Books on Amazon

As a personal experiment, I am creating books that are published as purchased by Amazon. These books will vary from topic and format. Most of these books will be in the form of a journal, diary and planners.

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Importance of Building Internal Tools

I recently sat through a few meetings where we described doing the same thing many times and in the same way. I was seeing a pattern that could be automated. Since seeing a pattern, I began to think about tools

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Why a Process is Important

A Software Development Perspective A process is important as it creates an expectation of an outcome. Outcomes can measure a process and result in different ways making the process essential to follow. Without a strategy, we will not confidently be

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About Andrew Pallant

I am the Director of Research and Development ( R&D or Engineering ) at Doxim. My team creates FinTech solutions for Loan Origination and CRM. I have six teams comprising of about 43 developers worldwide, and we are all remote.

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