Welcome to London Ontario

Hey London;  We live in a great city.  We are full of excitement, technology, festivals, markets and home of some of the best mom and pop restaurants.  I enjoy living in London.  This weekend is one of London’s best festivals – Sunfest (http://www.sunfest.on.ca/).   Check it out.  Lots of music and food.

London is also home to several technology companies.  We are the hidden technology jewel of Canada.  We have companies creating robots, automation, PHP solutions and Microsoft solutions.  London is also the home of some game development companies.

Since I had done college outside of London, I was asked why I moved back to London.  Why would you not want to live here.  London has everything.  We are an hour to Port Huron, two hours to Detroit, two hours to Toronto and an hour to Waterloo.  We can typically get anywhere in London within 30 minutes.

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