Year: 2014

Happy Holidays

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Starting a WebForm Project

I started working in the DotNet while it was in the Beta stage. Ewe Beta! Since then I discovered there is more than one way to tackle a start of a project and I have perfected it for my purpose.

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The Only Programmer I Can Trust

The Only Programmer I Can Trust These Days Is @LdnDeveloper

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Sample Modal Revisited

This is a simple yet easy to modify sample of doing a simple HTML modal popup.

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My New Favourite Quote – Applies Nicely To My Week

S3/E06 (37:01): “Well, Conny, there are snakes that go months without eating. And then they finally catch something, but they’re so hungry that they suffocate while they’re eating. One opportunity at a time.” (Don Draper)

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Where Did All The Respect Go

Something is wrong in the world today and I don’t know what it is. Something has changed in the way we do business with each other. Common courtesy is not as common as it once was. There is definitely a

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Achieving Order in Chaos

Trying to streamline things at work and make it so we are producing higher quality code I have learned a few things. Mind you I have only been in my new position for a few weeks, but already I along

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5 Steps to Finding Employment as a Computer or Web Developer

5 Steps to Finding Employment as a Computer / Web Developer from Andrew Pallant Related Title:

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The Two Sides to Job Hunting

I have had students ask me about how to get hired or who is hiring. I have also had employers ask me how to find developers when they have had a tough time hiring quality employees. These are tough questions

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How a Developer can Mitigate Stress of a Designer

Working with a designer and can be a challenge as a developer as we are totally different mind sets.  Working with a designer as a DotNet developer can be even more of a challenge, but there can be a simpler

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