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Which Web Tools – When and How Much

I cannot say enough about learning which tools use when. It is only through experience will you ever learn this discipline. I have learned when to use a handful of tools and how often. I have also learned that sometimes

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Sample Modal Revisited

This is a simple yet easy to modify sample of doing a simple HTML modal popup.

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How a Developer can Mitigate Stress of a Designer

Working with a designer and can be a challenge as a developer as we are totally different mind sets.  Working with a designer as a DotNet developer can be even more of a challenge, but there can be a simpler

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Microsoft MVC vrs WebForms – What do you prefer

I recently had a lively discussion with a colleague over what is better Microsoft MVC or WebForms.  My friend had stated he liked MVC because it kept his code organized and clean.  He also stated that he has seen many

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February Recap – jQuery Made Simple

February is a month that I made jQuery made Simple examples that helped me at to my library and hopefully will help you.  I typically try not to use jQuery libraries or plugins as I feel it is often easy

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jQuery Folder Tree Menu

Today I thought that I would put together a simple jQuery folder menu for myself to use in projects to come.  It is easily modified,   easy to create dynamically and easily styled.  The jQuery script portion is rather simple

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Simple jQuery Menu

Now days it seems that there is a plug-in for almost any jQuery task.  The trouble with plug-ins is that they are often not flexible enough and the designer / developer who is using them is not practicing developing their

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jQuery Modal Prompt

Today I am going to demonstrate how easy it is to integrate a stylish modal prompt.  It takes a very little amount of code and can be easily slipped into any web page that you may be working on.  The

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SEO Analysis – Turning a Large Ship Around

Sometimes it is like turning a large ship around; SEO can be hard to turn around if the site is degraded.  You need time and room to work.  Most importantly you need to have a plan. I have been working

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SEO – Mobile – Web – Social Media – These are technologies and concepts that need to be utilized in everyday business life. Just because you have been doing the same thing for the past dozen years does not mean

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