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Starting a WebForm Project

I started working in the DotNet while it was in the Beta stage. Ewe Beta! Since then I discovered there is more than one way to tackle a start of a project and I have perfected it for my purpose.

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Sample Modal Revisited

This is a simple yet easy to modify sample of doing a simple HTML modal popup.

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Auto-Link Using Regular Expressions

I was recently asked if I could automatically turn website text (ex: www.google.com ) into HTML hyperlinks.  My first thought was ah CRAP!  I also wondered why they could not use the link tool in the editor, but they asked

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3 Statements that Should Cause a Call to Action

Customer: “My site is dropping ranks in Google! I used to be on the first page! I am getting really nervous!”

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Do Not Get Boxed

As a developer, it is important to look around and experience new things, as it helps you to stay sharp and marketable. This doesn’t mean that you need to quit your job.  Just do not get boxed in as single

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Posting Data From HTML to ASPX

Recently I had a need to have a web site post credentials to another web site.   The first site was standard HTML and the second site was DotNet (ASP.NET). In this example, we will be passing a user name and

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HTML Centering DIV Tag ( DIV Element )

The easiest way without JavaScript to center a DIV tag is to use a style tag or css that resembles the following. style=’padding:5px;width: 400px;height:200px; margin-top:-100px; margin-left:-200px; left:50%;top:50%; border:outset 1px #ccff99; background-color:#ccff99;position:absolute;font-weight:normal;’ Sample Image

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Making Your Web Page Accessible

It seems like a lot of work to make your web page accessible for people with sight impairment, and the audience seems small, but it is worth it. There are a couple of things that web developers often miss when

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Javascript equalsIgnoreCase Function

This week’s code sample is JAVASCRIPT based. I found this while researching user validation routines. This function is a javascript version of a common Java function. We have replicated the calling syntax as a java programmer would expect to use

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Hot Keys

alt-1 – Load help This week’s code sample is JAVASCRIPT based. It traps a keyup event in a web page that contains this code. The function then goes a step further and looks for the Alt key. Once we have

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