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My Favourite Tool

My favourite tool goes wherever I go. I keep it beside the bed, and it is the first thing I put in my suitcase or backpack. My favourite tool knows more about me than anything or anyone else. It carries

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Podcasts I Follow

These are the Podcasts I follow and listen to most often. They range from business, design and general interests. They are not ranked in an particular order, but my favourite is James Altucher and Jordan Harbinger. I would challenge everyone

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Why I Removed Social Media From My Phone

Good-bye Twitter Good-bye Facebook Good-bye Skype Good-by Snapchat

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A Week Off Grid

Last week my wife and I kicked up our feet and relaxed on a Caribbean cruise. Since this is not a promotional blog, I will not mention the cruise line or travel agency, but I can say we got a

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Using FitBit as a Software Developer

Confession: I am a Software Developer and I do not move much. My wife had gotten a FitBit and was loyally using it. She offered to let me where it for a day which I did not do, but rather

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My New Favourite Quote – Applies Nicely To My Week

S3/E06 (37:01): “Well, Conny, there are snakes that go months without eating. And then they finally catch something, but they’re so hungry that they suffocate while they’re eating. One opportunity at a time.” (Don Draper)

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Are You Really Truly Living Your Life

Are you really truly living the life that you want? Have you thought about the life you want? Are you waiting for the life that you want?

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All The Small Things

All the small things are often forgotten. In software development we are taught to take a large problem and break it down to its smallest component. Often as software developer we can make a daunting task less complicated by following

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Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

I have often lived in my own little bubble as most technology-geek-type people do.  I hardly stepped out, stretched myself and joined the world outside.  In the last little while I have had the opportunity to expand my world and

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What I Have Learned

I graduated college in 1996.   This was a great year for me.  I moved home where I was fed and loved by my family.  I worked for a small software company doing Visual Cobol who went bust.  I was

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