Year: 2014

Stop Spending Good Money On Mobile Sites

For about 4 years I have been preaching to my customers why they do not need a mobile site. Instead, it is better to spend money on a responsive site. If you are getting your site done or redone, find

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The Lawn Mower Woes

Last weekend was a holiday weekend where I was supposed to get a lot of yard work done.  Part of the yard work was to cut the grass, but alas I suffered the lawn mower woes.  You may recall in

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French and Other Language Characters – Classic ASP

Recently working with PayPal and Classic ASP I stumbled unto a problem where French characters were being encoded and displayed as unreadable text. It turns out that PayPal returns the result to you using UTF-8. In C# this would be

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Tricking Out Classic ASP With JSON – The Mandrill Experience

Using JSON with Classic ASP can be a tricky thing, but the developer of ASPJSON has made it very easy.  This library ( or include ) has made my life so much easier, but the instructions to get me started was

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Auto-Link Using Regular Expressions

I was recently asked if I could automatically turn website text (ex: ) into HTML hyperlinks.  My first thought was ah CRAP!  I also wondered why they could not use the link tool in the editor, but they asked

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I flipped over Flipp

I don’t often promote apps and products, but my wife found an app that makes shopping more efficient. If you have an Apple or Android phone and you like deals or price matching, you must try Flipp ( ).  My wife

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Microsoft MVC vrs WebForms – What do you prefer

I recently had a lively discussion with a colleague over what is better Microsoft MVC or WebForms.  My friend had stated he liked MVC because it kept his code organized and clean.  He also stated that he has seen many

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February Recap – jQuery Made Simple

February is a month that I made jQuery made Simple examples that helped me at to my library and hopefully will help you.  I typically try not to use jQuery libraries or plugins as I feel it is often easy

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jQuery Folder Tree Menu

Today I thought that I would put together a simple jQuery folder menu for myself to use in projects to come.  It is easily modified,   easy to create dynamically and easily styled.  The jQuery script portion is rather simple

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Simple jQuery Menu

Now days it seems that there is a plug-in for almost any jQuery task.  The trouble with plug-ins is that they are often not flexible enough and the designer / developer who is using them is not practicing developing their

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