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HTML Will not fix the Lawn Mower

HTML will not fix the lawn mower. No matter how much I can write code, what I know will not fix my lawn mower. I checked the oil. I checked the gas. I pulled the cord of the single pull

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How to use SQL to Extract a Number from a String

Recently I had a need to extract the number from a string in the database.  The string would be something like ‘Monitor 16″‘ or “16 inch Monitor”.   I would need to get the size for various reasons including fees

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MaxMind GEOIP Look-up for Microsoft SQL

Recently I implemented a GEOIP solution on a client site; however, the site was built on a Microsoft SQL database engine and I could not find a solution for looking up the country name easily.  Through some quick Google searches

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ASP – Bot Killer

Having troubles with bots that may be scraping, hammering on your sites or other inappropriate activities and you have a classic ASP site? This is a common issue that a lot of people go through. The trick is to filter

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Using Social Media in Toastmasters Clubs

Recently I had lead a Social Media workshop. Specifically what social media is and how to us it your clubs. Social media can help in your recruiting processes, education processes and in basic communication to members and non-members. Social media

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Development Team Relationships

This week I pushed out some old blogs outlining the relationships between senior and more junior developers. I did this because I thought it was very important to listen to each other. We can all learn from old and new

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Enhance Your Technology Career By Learning To Speak

Have you ever had a customer, co-worker or manager look at you as if you had two heads? When an IT Professional, speaks it is very important that who we speak to understands what we are saying. You cannot sell

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Clean Your Desk and Your Office To Stay Focused

A Clean Desk Is a Clear Mind. How can you be productive with a messy desk? Than answer is you cannot! A messy desk is a major distraction to you. A messy room is even more of a distraction. It

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Keeping a Cool Head

Recent events at work caused 3 days of fire fighting to keep systems going. It was a lot of work and was not easy. Stress levels were at an all-time high. While showing the rest of the staff that I

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Senior should be a Junior for a Day

There are times where a Senior Developer should take a step back and become a Junior Developer.  There are times when a Junior Developer can teach a Senior Developer new skill, thoughts and patterns.  Granted there are a fair number

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