French and Other Language Characters – Classic ASP

Recently working with PayPal and Classic ASP I stumbled unto a problem where French characters were being encoded and displayed as unreadable text. It turns out that PayPal returns the result to you using UTF-8. In C# this would be an easy fix. Language characters can be tough in classic ASP.  I had searched for quite a while until I found the following code:

  function URLDecode(sConvert)  
     Dim JSEngine  
     Set JSEngine = CreateObject("MSScriptControl.ScriptControl")  
       JSEngine.Language = "JScript"  
       sConvert = Replace(sConvert, "+", " ")  
       URLDecode = JSEngine.CodeObject.decodeURIComponent(sConvert)  
 end fucntion  

This solved my issue, but it took forever to find the solution. I hope this can save someone else time.

Contact me if you have questions integrating ASP with PayPal.

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