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How to use SQL to Extract a Number from a String

Recently I had a need to extract the number from a string in the database.  The string would be something like ‘Monitor 16″‘ or “16 inch Monitor”.   I would need to get the size for various reasons including fees

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SQL Function – Find a Value in a String of Values

In a table I have a field that you can use comma delimited value (example 1,2,3,22). When I tried to filtering use a “LIKE” statement on the value 2, I was being returned 2 and 22. ARG! So what do

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MaxMind GEOIP Look-up for Microsoft SQL

Recently I implemented a GEOIP solution on a client site; however, the site was built on a Microsoft SQL database engine and I could not find a solution for looking up the country name easily.  Through some quick Google searches

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Do Not Get Boxed

As a developer, it is important to look around and experience new things, as it helps you to stay sharp and marketable. This doesn’t mean that you need to quit your job.  Just do not get boxed in as single

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