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I have used many custom made dialog boxes in my web applications. I had always kept them very simple, but recently I had been asked if they can be draggable. The answer I had given is: Probably, but I had

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jQuery – Slow Selectors

Recently I was experiencing slow jQuery functions. Slow jQuery was especially slow as I added more elements to the page and especially in Internet Explorer and FireFox. I was not surprised by the browsers being slower than others, but the

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Dynamically Load MVC Partials Using jQuery

Normally I do my examples in C#, but lately I have noticed a lack of VB.NET examples. Therefore, this example is in VB.NET. I have searched long and hard to find a way to dynamically load MVC partials. I had

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Cookie Monster Would Be Disappointed

Using localStorage or sessionStorage would disappoint Cookie Monster. My go to for a website to store data temporary was to use cookies. I would use cookies for storing user preferences, scores, shopping carts and more. Cookies can be a problem

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Simple MVC AJAX GET Method

MVC makes doing AJAX calls simple.  As I have said before, I do not like the AJAX controls and methods that the Microsoft ships with the MVC platform.  I prefer to create my own AJAX methods instead of posting a

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Which Web Tools – When and How Much

I cannot say enough about learning which tools use when. It is only through experience will you ever learn this discipline. I have learned when to use a handful of tools and how often. I have also learned that sometimes

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Simple JS Dialog

Keeping in the spirit of using my blog as a quick code repository; sometimes you just need a simple easy to implement dialog box. I have been using the following routine for sometime now. Sometimes you just need a simple

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February Recap – jQuery Made Simple

February is a month that I made jQuery made Simple examples that helped me at to my library and hopefully will help you.  I typically try not to use jQuery libraries or plugins as I feel it is often easy

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jQuery Folder Tree Menu

Today I thought that I would put together a simple jQuery folder menu for myself to use in projects to come.  It is easily modified,   easy to create dynamically and easily styled.  The jQuery script portion is rather simple

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Simple jQuery Menu

Now days it seems that there is a plug-in for almost any jQuery task.  The trouble with plug-ins is that they are often not flexible enough and the designer / developer who is using them is not practicing developing their

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