Why I Removed Social Media From My Phone

Good-bye Twitter
Good-bye Facebook
Good-bye Skype
Good-by Snapchat

Why I Removed Social Media From My Phone…

I recently removed social media from my phone. I did it so I can focus on what is most important. 24 hours a day my phone buzzes with notifications. I played with the Do Not Disturb feature and I tinkered with turning off notifications only to find myself randomly checking status. Most times, the status and news feeds that I am looking out has nothing to do with me.

Now I am focusing on my family when I am out with them. I am no longer checking Twitter and Facebook when I am shooting pool. No more social networks at all on my phone. No more pocket notification interruptions.

I am still keeping my social media accounts. I will check them if I am watching TV, when I am by myself and when I am totally bored. I am just keeping you at arms reach on my tablet and PC browser.

I am not gone, I am just no longer available 24/7. I am not famous and therefore you do not need me right away.

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