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New Year is a Time to Have a Retrospective

New Year is a time to reflect on the passing year. If you are like me; you will have experienced many changes and challenges throughout 2019. I like to take time every January to reflect on the passing year and

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Clean Your Desk and Your Office To Stay Focused

A Clean Desk Is a Clear Mind. How can you be productive with a messy desk? Than answer is you cannot! A messy desk is a major distraction to you. A messy room is even more of a distraction. It

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Seven Tips to Project Success

Before starting any project, you should know what you are doing before you start. Ask your users, create focus groups and research every detail. By asking your users you will know what your users will need to do their jobs

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Javascript equalsIgnoreCase Function

This week’s code sample is JAVASCRIPT based. I found this while researching user validation routines. This function is a javascript version of a common Java function. We have replicated the calling syntax as a java programmer would expect to use

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