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3 Statements that Should Cause a Call to Action

Customer: “My site is dropping ranks in Google! I used to be on the first page! I am getting really nervous!”

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Do Not Forget The Customers

New developers often design and develop what they believe is cool and cutting edge.  What is forgotten is how the customer or the user will think about the experience.  If the customer or user refuses to accept what you have

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HTML Centering DIV Tag ( DIV Element )

The easiest way without JavaScript to center a DIV tag is to use a style tag or css that resembles the following. style=’padding:5px;width: 400px;height:200px; margin-top:-100px; margin-left:-200px; left:50%;top:50%; border:outset 1px #ccff99; background-color:#ccff99;position:absolute;font-weight:normal;’ Sample Image

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Making Your Web Page Accessible

It seems like a lot of work to make your web page accessible for people with sight impairment, and the audience seems small, but it is worth it. There are a couple of things that web developers often miss when

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