Should Children be Taught Cursive Writing

Cursive writing is the linking of hand-written characters.  It is the penmanship that was taught to us in school after we learned to print.  Some will argue that it is an old irrelevant craft due to the modern us of technology; after all, when was the last time you received a hands-written letter in the mail?  It is a fact that we do not use hand written notes very often.  In meetings, I bring my iPad, accounting we use computers and letters received are either written on the computer and printed or sent by e-mail.  I personally still write a journal using cursive writing.  This blog may be electronic, but I keep s hand-written journal in my desk.

 Some benefits of cursive writing are:

  • Helps children learn their fine motor skills
  • Helps develop the creative part of the brain
  • Later in life, your child may need to sign checks or contracts
  • Aides the child in learning their letters for reading
  • Helps them to be less dependent on technology

 There are times that pens and paper is your only option.  Technology is getting a lot flexible, but it is not always readily available.   It is a good idea to teach your child an alternative.  Technology is also very expensive still and not affordable by everyone; therefore, it is a good idea not to rely on it.

I also believe it helps me commit ideas and things that I have heard to memory when I write them down.  Cursive writing is a good skill to have.  It is not very often that I do not have a notepad handy.

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One comment on “Should Children be Taught Cursive Writing
  1. Honestly, with all the stuff that we expect our school system to teach on top of math, English and the other core subjects, things like sex ed, anti-bullying, vocation skills, I think some of it can be skipped. To spend a year or two learning to write after learning how to print is pretty pointless. I print more often than writing anyways….