DotNet Postbacks Not Working in IE11

Many people are posting the woes of DotNet Postbacks not working in IE11.  I too experienced this and remembered that there were app_browser files that could be modified to give the browser further instructions.  With a quick google search I was able to find the exact solution that I was looking for.  I cannot take credit for it so I will share the original URL from which I got my answer. [ Answer ]

However Here is the code so you do not have to click on the link above:

   <browser id="IE11" parentID="Mozilla">  
       <userAgent match="Trident\/7.0; rv:(?'version'(?'major'\d+)(\.(?'minor'\d+)?)(?'letters'\w*))(?'extra'[^)]*)" />  
       <userAgent nonMatch="IEMobile" />  
       <userAgent match="Trident/(?'layoutVersion'\d+)" />  
       <capability name="browser" value="IE" />  
       <capability name="layoutEngine" value="Trident" />  
       <capability name="layoutEngineVersion" value="${layoutVersion}" />  
       <capability name="extra" value="${extra}" />  
       <capability name="isColor" value="true" />  
       <capability name="letters" value="${letters}" />  
       <capability name="majorversion" value="${major}" />  
       <capability name="minorversion" value="${minor}" />  
       <capability name="screenBitDepth" value="8" />  
       <capability name="type" value="IE${major}" />  
       <capability name="version" value="${version}" />  
   <!-- Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Trident/7.0; rv:11,0) like Gecko -->  
   <browser id="IE110" parentID="IE11">  
       <capability name="majorversion" match="11" />  
       <capability name="ecmascriptversion" value="3.0" />  
       <capability name="jscriptversion" value="5.6" />  
       <capability name="javascript" value="true" />  
       <capability name="javascriptversion" value="1.5" />  
       <capability name="msdomversion" value="${majorversion}.${minorversion}" />  
       <capability name="w3cdomversion" value="1.0" />  
       <capability name="ExchangeOmaSupported" value="true" />  
       <capability name="activexcontrols" value="true" />  
       <capability name="backgroundsounds" value="true" />  
       <capability name="cookies" value="true" />  
       <capability name="frames" value="true" />  
       <capability name="javaapplets" value="true" />  
       <capability name="supportsCallback" value="true" />  
       <capability name="supportsFileUpload" value="true" />  
       <capability name="supportsMultilineTextBoxDisplay" value="true" />  
       <capability name="supportsMaintainScrollPositionOnPostback" value="true" />  
       <capability name="supportsVCard" value="true" />  
       <capability name="supportsXmlHttp" value="true" />  
       <capability name="tables" value="true" />  
       <capability name="supportsAccessKeyAttribute" value="true" />  
       <capability name="tagwriter" value="System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter" />  
       <capability name="vbscript" value="true" />  

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