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Cool Google Search

In reviewing my site logs, I had stumbled on this Cool Google Search.

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SEO Analysis – Turning a Large Ship Around

Sometimes it is like turning a large ship around; SEO can be hard to turn around if the site is degraded.  You need time and room to work.  Most importantly you need to have a plan. I have been working

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Using Pinterest to Enahance Ecommerce

Pinterest is often thought as a forum to find craft ideas, search out fashion and home decoration techniques. I thought this for a very long time. However; it can be so much more.

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SEO – Mobile – Web – Social Media – These are technologies and concepts that need to be utilized in everyday business life. Just because you have been doing the same thing for the past dozen years does not mean

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3 Statements that Should Cause a Call to Action

Customer: “My site is dropping ranks in Google! I used to be on the first page! I am getting really nervous!”

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