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Which Web Tools – When and How Much

I cannot say enough about learning which tools use when. It is only through experience will you ever learn this discipline. I have learned when to use a handful of tools and how often. I have also learned that sometimes

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My Story

Here is my story as a developer. I started out playing on Commodore 64 in elementary school. I would have to give a lot of credit to the Librarian at Valleyview Public School. He had allowed me to work with

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Sometimes You Just Need a Smile

Sometimes you just need a smile.  Like most, I have good, bad and terrible days, but I found something that makes me smile.  Like a lot of developers, I have a few vendor stickers on my equipment. My kids noticed

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Developers are Artists

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My New Favourite Quote – Applies Nicely To My Week

S3/E06 (37:01): “Well, Conny, there are snakes that go months without eating. And then they finally catch something, but they’re so hungry that they suffocate while they’re eating. One opportunity at a time.” (Don Draper)

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Where Did All The Respect Go

Something is wrong in the world today and I don’t know what it is. Something has changed in the way we do business with each other. Common courtesy is not as common as it once was. There is definitely a

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How a Developer can Mitigate Stress of a Designer

Working with a designer and can be a challenge as a developer as we are totally different mind sets.  Working with a designer as a DotNet developer can be even more of a challenge, but there can be a simpler

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Microsoft MVC vrs WebForms – What do you prefer

I recently had a lively discussion with a colleague over what is better Microsoft MVC or WebForms.  My friend had stated he liked MVC because it kept his code organized and clean.  He also stated that he has seen many

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All The Small Things

All the small things are often forgotten. In software development we are taught to take a large problem and break it down to its smallest component. Often as software developer we can make a daunting task less complicated by following

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Development Team Relationships

This week I pushed out some old blogs outlining the relationships between senior and more junior developers. I did this because I thought it was very important to listen to each other. We can all learn from old and new

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