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Be Kind to Those You Meet

You never know when you meet someone what they will be to you in your life. You may meet them in a service club, be a customer of yours, be a friend or an in-law. You just never know when

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My Cover Letter

Dear Business Owners, Team Leaders and Information Officers; I am not just a developer.  I am a developer who can blend in with a team, lead a team and be part of a team.

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Failure is an opportunity to find an alternate way of finding success. Dig deep, learn from the events and change. Through change, you can overcome failure. Change brings failure or success; it is a 50% wager. Evolve, learn and morph

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Project Manager – Team Lead – Manager of Development

I have been asked a few times for resources and tips for a new Project Manager, Team Lead, Manager of Development type position. My tips are a generalization as I can pull out more resources for certain situations. Tips  1.

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What is Leadership

A leader is a person who helps drive a group of people to a set goal.   A leader can drive the group of people to disaster or success.  It is in the qualities and attitudes that success or disaster

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New Project or Team Manager – First Two Weeks

There are plenty of tasks a person could do in their first two weeks as a new Project or Team Manager.  I have isolated some of the more important tasks that need to be addressed in the first two weeks

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The Art of Task Delegation

Delegation is a tough skill to master.  Many mangers have trouble delegating tasks to employees because they have trouble giving up control.   A good manager knows their strengths and the amount of work load they can handle without stressing.

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