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Using FitBit as a Software Developer

Confession: I am a Software Developer and I do not move much. My wife had gotten a FitBit and was loyally using it. She offered to let me where it for a day which I did not do, but rather

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Journaling is something that I have been doing off and on for a while.  I journal using low-tech methods.  I have a leather bound book and a nice pen.  I love my pens.  I used to have fountain pens, but

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Project Manager – Team Lead – Manager of Development

I have been asked a few times for resources and tips for a new Project Manager, Team Lead, Manager of Development type position. My tips are a generalization as I can pull out more resources for certain situations. Tips  1.

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Importance of Downtime

Everyone always say they are too busy for time off.   Some people say that you should not have as much time of as you do.  If I did not take my vacation that I am allowed, I could not

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