Be Kind to Those You Meet

You never know when you meet someone what they will be to you in your life. You may meet them in a service club, be a customer of yours, be a friend or an in-law. You just never know when that argument with the sales associate be something that bites you down the road.

It has never happened to me, but I know people it has happened to. They walk through a door to meet someone and they get recognized. More often through the powers of the internet our worlds shrink to a much small world. Social media outlets can be a great place to express yourself, but you need to be careful. You could be damaging your reputation or someone else’s.

Things may not be going in your way, but it is the way you handle it that will decide how you feel, the person feels and may be even the out come. Have you ever had a rough time with someone and you walk away feeling more stressed. What if you could turn it around make the situation more positive and you walk way feeling content no matter the outcome? You would be a better person for it and you will be noticed by others as being a better person. Take a deep breath and pause for a minute. Think about the consequences for your action and words. When you create stress, it stresses your heart. Stress is a large part of sleeplessness and heart issues.

Good rule of thumb is:

  • Be patient, be kind, be professional
  • Do not vent publicly
  • Always put your best foot forward
  • Do not say or do something you would not do around your grandmother.

In my rule of thumb, I mention grandmother; most of us revere our our grandmothers much more than our own mothers. I had always been told treat everyone as my own mother. I have great admiration for my mother so it is easy, but there is much more for my grandmother who has seen and done lots in her lifetime.

In short, be kind. Be professional.  Always put your best foot forward.  Your heart will thank you, the people you meet will thank you and your future may thank you.

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One comment on “Be Kind to Those You Meet
  1. Podium Pro says:

    On point Andrew. I have seen very high performers that were rising through the ranks…getting pay raises, better positions etc hit a brick wall unexpectedly. The shock to them came when the people they blew off, were rude to and disrespected publicly were now people that had risen parallel to them in the organization and had themselves gained more authority and “rank”. The “high performers” soon found themselves very very isolated for good reason. Their progress stopped and it took years for them to get back on step!