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Andrew Pallant (@LdnDeveloper) has been a web, database and desktop developer for over 16 years. Andrew has worked on projects that ranged from factory automation to writing business applications. Most recently he has been heavily involved in various forms for ecommerce projects. Over the years Andrew has worn many hats: Project Manager, IT Manager, Lead Developer, Supervisor of Developers and many more - See more at:


Have you ever wanted a function to convert HTML to PDF? It is really easy. A good use of this is when you have a resume on your website and you want to create a download of it as a

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My Story

Here is my story as a developer. I started out playing on Commodore 64 in elementary school. I would have to give a lot of credit to the Librarian at Valleyview Public School. He had allowed me to work with

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Have an Idea – Let Us Talk

Do you have an idea? Let us talk! Many people have ideas for a website, blog, forum or a new software to make their life and business processes better. Often times people do not know who to contact or how

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The Story of C# Meeting AngularJS

Most of you already know that I still like my WebForms. People have argued that using AngularJS with WebForms is pointless, but I say NA! It makes the user experience a little bit smoother. In this blog I will show

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Sometimes You Just Need a Smile

Sometimes you just need a smile.  Like most, I have good, bad and terrible days, but I found something that makes me smile.  Like a lot of developers, I have a few vendor stickers on my equipment. My kids noticed

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Integrity With First Contact

I post this with great reservation, but I feel it is important. It is very exciting when you receive that initial call from a Human Resource department or a manager, but be careful.  Integrity starts with that first contact.  I very

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A Quest to Learn AngularJS

I recently got excited about AngularJS.  I took a pretty good course through CodeSchool for which you can find a link off of the AngularJS home page.  Since then I had been playing with and scouting out AngularJS ideas that

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Developers are Artists

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2014 Flash Back

2014 was a great year and I look forward to great and wonderful things in 2015.  The year was filled with lessons, opportunities and friends.  I cannot say much was wrong with 2014.  New adventures, opportunities and friends is what

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Happy Holidays

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