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Andrew Pallant (@LdnDeveloper) has been a web, database and desktop developer for over 16 years. Andrew has worked on projects that ranged from factory automation to writing business applications. Most recently he has been heavily involved in various forms for ecommerce projects. Over the years Andrew has worn many hats: Project Manager, IT Manager, Lead Developer, Supervisor of Developers and many more - See more at:

Pause for a Commercial Break

Hey everyone. Life has been a little busy lately. I have every intention to start blogging again soon. If you have questions about where I have been, it means you probably do not know me well ( and that is

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Podcasts I Follow

These are the Podcasts I follow and listen to most often. They range from business, design and general interests. They are not ranked in an particular order, but my favourite is James Altucher and Jordan Harbinger. I would challenge everyone

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Long Time – No Post

It has been a long time without a post. It is not because I did not want to, but I have been very busy converting applications from windows to web. SaaS is the new buzz word with many companies and

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7 Soft Skills That Senior Developers Should Have

Developers often ask what they need to do to make it to the level of a senior developer. They can gain all the programming skills in all the popular and new software frameworks, but they will not be anything more

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Developer Engagement

I was throwing ideas around in how to increase our developer engagement. I was also thinking of a way to give our product development a little boost. I love the developers that I work with and would like to support

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Personal Branding

I am not a marketing person, but I do believe in personal branding. How I display myself professionally in my networks is who I am. My personal branding is consistent throughout everything I do so that people have something to

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I have used many custom made dialog boxes in my web applications. I had always kept them very simple, but recently I had been asked if they can be draggable. The answer I had given is: Probably, but I had

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Are Stand-ups a Waste of Time

Are stand-ups a Waste of time for developers?   I used to think so.  I have been doing stand-ups for the past two months and I now think they are brilliant!

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jQuery – Slow Selectors

Recently I was experiencing slow jQuery functions. Slow jQuery was especially slow as I added more elements to the page and especially in Internet Explorer and FireFox. I was not surprised by the browsers being slower than others, but the

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Why I Removed Social Media From My Phone

Good-bye Twitter Good-bye Facebook Good-bye Skype Good-by Snapchat

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